Credit Card Preauthorisation

This form is to be filled out and supplied to Hype Creative for new accounts and securing future orders. Hype Creative will charge $1.00AUD to the account and your card details will be held until your account application form has been received and processed.

When will you Hype Creative use this?

Hype Creative will only ever charge your card once all reasonable attempts have been made to recover the payment of your overdue account. Should the account remain unpaid, this card will be debited for the outstanding amount.

By providing the below information you acknowledge your understanding of, and agree to:

  • Hype Creative charging $1.00AUD to your card to ensure it’s authenticity

  • Hype Creative storing your card details digitally

  • Hype Creative will charge any overdue accounts, in full, to this credit card in the event you fail to pay or settle your account within the trading terms outlined on your tax invoice


Your Details

Registered Business / Trading Name in Australia
Business Address *
Business Address
As listed with the Australian Tax Office
As it appears on your credit card
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